With Kurukuru Bus How to enjoy the trip?

The Kurukuru Bus runs based on a regular schedule. However, the Schedule can be changed based on situations and conditions.
Especially, if it's not a Daily Tour, there can be different deadline. (*Daily Tour) Kyushu : Line 1, Line 3 / Osaka : Line 1 / Tokyo : Line 1(Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat) in Korea: +82 70-4482-4267 (Kyoshu) / +82 70-4482-4675 Osaka, Tokyo, Hokkaido)  ㅣ  in Japan: +81 92-292-8799  ㅣ  E-mail address : kurukurubus-info@nate.com


Kurukuru Bus_Kyushu

Kurukuru Bus_Tokyo

Kurukuru Bus_Hokkaido

Kurukuru Bus_Seasonal Events

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